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EP Released!!


That's right!! The long-awaited third release from the band is at your fingertips. "Hungover & Heartbroken" is the TSB's latest and greatest. Consisting of five tracks, this EP was recorded at Compound Studios and produced by Ken Tondre, who produced Kevin Fowler's 2014 album "How Country Are Ya?" Ken brought a great vision to the album along with Lang Freeman who helped arrange the tunes.

Trey Stapleton wrote the songs for the album with the exception of "Dancehall," which was written by longtime TSB drummer John Jammal.

Never has the TSB's music been as polished as it is in "Hungover & Heartbroken." No need to take our word for it... go listen!

Back on 6th!  -  See Trey at San Jac


Trey missed 6th street so much that he couldn't stay away. After not playing for several months, he is now playing most Saturday nights at San Jac  on 6th and San Jacinto from 6pm-9pm. Check show dates for more details!

Want to see Trey somewhere else? Go to the contact page for booking info.

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